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SED Flow Control, Deutschland

Diaphragm Valves

Manually or pneumatically operated, as seal or control valves. Thanks to a wide range of body materials and designs, diaphragms and actuator types, SED provides you with the means of finding the optimal configuration for any application.

Seat Valve

Seat Valves

SED Flowcontrol stands for reliability and durability. Our seat valves excel by means of high flow rates, seat tightness and functionality. Additionally, our range of products comprises special components, such as control and charging applications.

  Solenoid Valve

Solenoid Valves

Our product spectrum ranges from the separate or block-bolted solenoid valve to the configurable valve island with modern bus technology.


Our positioners provide tailor-made solutions for the automation of SED process valves. The modular design allows for individual task performance.



Flowmeters with specially shaped floats, a multitude of measurement ranges, and varying materials for measurement pipes and bolting allow for manifold applications with the many different media in industrial pipe line manufacturing.


Optimized processing through systematic adjustment of functionality! An extensive repertory of accessories completes our range of products.

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