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Since 1957, Biancalani has been producing innovative textile machines for the finishing sector in which woven fabrics, nonwoven fabrics and knitwear are involved. Biancalani's machines produce high performance results that are guaranteed.


SPYRA®, a continuous tumbler for fabrics in rope-form based on an exclusive patented system of rotating drums by means of which it is possible to dry and soften, giving increased volume and shrinkage to a very wide range of fabrics, knitwear, fake leather, non-woven fabrics, till the heavier fabrics used in upholstery and interior decoration.


SPYRA® COMPACT, a tumble-dryer for fabric in rope form with continuous/discontinuous working selection, with the possibility of steaming, ideal for fabric producers of small lots and extensive variety of articles. With this new machine it is offered to the finisher an all-year-around tool for fragmented and flexible industrial productions.


PETRA® is a highly efficient machine designed for wet smoothing open-width fabrics continuously for applications before and after dyeing and for obtaining deer-skin, sueded, délavé, aged-look surfaces and three-dimensional effects. PETRA® work process is that of smoothing the fibres, cleaning them of their natural down, leaving a fibre density that can be compared with that of an enzyme type treatment: an extremely low and dense pile, a fresh and sustained hand.


IDRA® is a modular milling and scouring machine with independent milling-channels. IDRA® was designed to overcome the typical problems of the milling of wool, such as the generally variable length of the fabric pieces and the natural, non-uniform response of the fabric to the said treatment.


MILLA® is a washing milling machine combined with four milling channels. The new MILLA®, milling machine guarantees excellent productivity, high reliability, and easy maintenance.

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